Modern Web Developer Resume


This ready-to-use Web Developer Resume Template has been designed to make an impact with the recruiter who will read your application. It is a warm and very lively template with a predominantly orange or red color scheme. The use of a springtime tone inspires sympathy to your future employer and underlines your dynamism. The first part of the Resume is organized in a single column and allows you to present your personal hook, which can also take the form of a career summary. It’s a kind of slogan! The second is divided into sections that are designed to highlight your professional experience and your technical and managerial skills. Its layout and general appearance are carefully worked out and its design contributes to the proper prioritization of the candidate’s background information. A section is also reserved for references, which are an additional asset for your Resume/CV. They are not only used to verify the truthfulness of the information given on the Resume/CV, but also, thanks to the clear and positive portrait that these references will give of you, the recruiter should be able to determine your suitability for the position you are applying for.