How to Give Personality to Your Resume

When you apply for a job offer, your resume should reflect your professionalism. However, in an increasingly competitive environment, the level of education and experience does not always allow several candidates to be differentiated. In order to stand out and face young companies looking for specific profiles, giving personality to your CV becomes a necessity.

Extract skills from each experience

Any experience is good to take, and this is all the more true when you write your application. Do not neglect any experience, both professional and personal. You may have been the representative of your promotion during your school years, or responsible for communication for an association, which could be of interest to the employer.

Without going into detail, focus on any skills, even if you think there are gaps in your background; for example, being a stay-at-home mom for 3 years may have taught you organization, patience and the need to take charge of yourself in difficult times.

Have your personal experiences correlate with motivation, teamwork and organizational skills, see the responsibilities that are related to the position you are applying for.

Focus on areas of interest

As with your experiences, your interests can speak volumes about your personality. Even if you think that practicing yoga is not interesting, make this interest known by noting that you cultivate calm and well-being. If you paint, detail that you appreciate the concentration and detail. Finally, if you have an original interest, it will be noticed and show that you have personality.

Being positive

Being positive and presenting constructive qualities are important. Give a joyful and lively dynamic to your CV, so that the employer will want to meet you. While remaining professional, be warm and friendly. It is possible to note that you know how to work while bringing good mood to the team, that you want to, that you are capable and passionate.

In addition, qualities such as calm, kindness and respect are valued by employers who wish to work in peace and quiet.

Even if you need to introduce qualities such as organization, thoroughness and rigour, be careful not to abuse them by citing concrete examples and contextualizing them in situations in which they have been useful to you.

Create an eye-catching CV

Nowadays, it is very important to present a CV that stands out simply because of its appearance. Even this seems superficial, a CV must be attractive and seduce the employer at first sight. Ventilate and space, play with bold, italic characters, their size, but also by adding a little color will allow a much more fluid and pleasant reading.

The elements must be correctly listed, without any spelling errors. Expand your vocabulary and be precise but concise.

Finally, depending on the position and the company, connect your CV to your LinkedIn account or a QR code to add a touch of modernity and show that you master digital, essential in 2019.

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