Job Search: 7 Keys to Optimize The Visibility of Your Template In Resume Banks

Are you actively looking for a job? It may be particularly useful to register in a CV library to upload your resume. But for the process to be successful, it is important to know how to use this tool, which is available to all candidates on all job sites. To learn how to use the features of a CV library and increase your visibility with recruiters, follow these tips.

1. Targeting the right CV libraries

There are so many job sites on the web that it can be tempting to post your resume on as many platforms as possible. However, this process is not very relevant, especially since it wastes valuable time. It is recommended to look at the CV libraries most consulted by recruiters, i.e. those with a large number of CV / Resume. Register on two or three general job boards and one or two sites specialized in your sector of activity. That will be more than enough.

2. Propose a quality CV

A quality resume must be personalized and reflect your real professional skills. It is indeed on this point that the recruiter will focus all his attention. It is therefore essential to ensure that you fill in all the fields of the form carefully in order to optimize your visibility. Feel free to develop the skills that are most likely to interest companies, but also to indicate your availability, mobility, languages spoken and the software you master. Of course, take care of your written expression and avoid spelling mistakes or other clumsy turns of phrase. Indeed, before consulting your CV, recruiters first review these different criteria to ensure that your profile precisely meets their needs.

3. Choose the title of the CV correctly

This essential step makes it possible to improve the referencing of your curriculum vitae according to the keyword present in the title. This way, the title of your profile will automatically appear in the employers’ search results. It therefore seems clever to indicate a specific function, in order to immediately arouse the curiosity of recruiters and make them want to retain you.

4. Insert relevant keywords

CV libraries function as a search engine. Simply type in keywords to see the most relevant results at the top of the list. Mention the keywords that accurately define your position and experience, in order to qualify your CV and make it easy for recruiters to find you. To do this, use the most common business terms, name the software in their full title and highlight your area of expertise.

5. Choose the right format

To submit your CV, prefer downloading in PDF. These electronic formats ensure secure accounting and layout from any computer. Pay close attention to the weight of the document. A file that is too large will take too long to appear on the screen and will encourage the recruiter to switch to another, more accessible profile. The photos are to be banned. Also avoid writing your resume on a too recent version, as it is not certain that human resources will be equipped with it.

6. Write a simple and clear CV

In order to ensure that the search engine takes your CV into account, it is essential to keep it simple. Do not insert by table, images or flat color and prefer a classic font such as Arial, Calibri or Verdana. This will make reading easier and more enjoyable. Keep in mind that in this type of database, the curriculum vitae only needs to be optimized to be perfectly referenced.

7. Update your CV regularly

Updating your CV regularly is essential to stay at the top of the list of results. Indeed, after several months of inactivity, the CV database will eventually make it disappear under the other applications. In addition, this process is an opportunity to update your skills and experience. As soon as you have completed a new training course, internship or assignment, you must modify your curriculum vitae. The same applies if you have changed your e-mail address or telephone number. By intervening at least once a month or even once a week, recruiters will see that you are available and motivated to work.

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