Should Interests Be Included On A Resume?

Including interests on a resume is often a source of debate. At the risk of using very valuable space, it is also an opportunity to show the employer a little bit of your personality.

While it is true that some employers are not particularly interested in your hobbies outside of office hours, many think it gives them a glimpse of your personality.

It is up to you to decide whether or not to include your passions in your CV, but it is important to think about what they can suggest to the employer about you.


This passion being very common, you will have to support it by honestly detailing what you like to read; police investigations, history, trade magazines, etc. If you say you like reading science fiction and the employer shares this passion, then you could be exposed if they decide to discuss this point with you. Similarly, if you claim to like reading a business magazine and the employer asks you what you thought of this or that article.


In general, participation in a sporting activity is quite well regarded. Whether you are attending a gym, a tennis court or coaching your city’s basketball team, it shows that you are committed, loyal, determined and value team spirit. All these qualities are valued by employers.

Working for an association

This can mean running for a good cause, volunteering or raising funds for local associations. Depending on your role with them, this enhances your organizational, interpersonal, teamwork and/or management skills.


This aspect is tendentious. Travelling may well be your passion, but you should not convey the idea that you want to take many holidays in the year to do a trek in Tibet. Listing all the countries you have visited so far won’t say much about your personality either. If you want to integrate travel into your interests, you will need to show your ability to appreciate diversity, foreign cultures and challenges.

A singular passion

Identifying an unusual interest can help you stand out from other candidates. Employers will be used to reading, travel, socialization and sports, but if you express your passion for creating artwork from recycled objects, for example, it can help you to make an impact on the employer’s spirit.

Expressing your interests must first and foremost bring out remarkable qualities or achievements. These interests can also be discussed during your job interview, so choose them well and make sure they are consistent with the job you are looking for.

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