Australian CV

Australian Resume Template to download and fill out in Word

You want to write a Australian CV? Here are different examples of modern CV in Word format adapted to a job in Australian. You can download them !

In which language should I write the Australian CV?

The language to use for your Australian CV is English. We offer different Australian CV templates (Australian Resume) above to download in Word format (doc/docx). If you are not 100% fluent in English, we offer a CV translation service. Indeed, our translators are specialized in the translation of French resumes into English.

The differences between the French and Australian CV

Before you start writing your CV for work in Australia, it is important to know the differences between the French CV and the Australian CV.

  • The first difference is the size of your CV. In France, applicants are encouraged to adhere to a single page CV. In Australia it is allowed to have a 2 or 3 page CV. Indeed, it all depends on the position to which you wish to apply. If you are looking for a job with little qualifications required, a one-page CV will suffice.
  • Like the English CV, it is not advisable to add a photo on your Australian CV or indicate your age.
  • The last difference, which is not the least, is the language to be used on the CV. Indeed, the Australian CV must be completely written in English.

What information to put on an Australian CV?

A classic Australian CV is clear, to the point and to the point. It starts with a brief overview of who you are, first and last name, your current title and then a brief description of your profile.

In the Australian work environment, it is important that the recruiter can get a good overview of who you are on the resume.

Then, it is a question of mentioning the work experiences that you have had in order and also indicating the skills and what you had to do during your recent responsibilities. In addition, you must indicate your university education and also list in order all the diplomas you have had. In terms of skills and hobbies, you can just add them in different headings by listing them.

How do you present your Australian CV?

Whether you work in the restaurant, construction or waitressing industry in Australia, you must follow the standard for writing a CV. You will first be able to download Australian CV template that you can customize by filling in the information that is mandatory.

In writing your document, your work experience should be listed in order from most recent to least previous experience. Be sure to give details of the work you have done. The working language in Australia is English. For that, you will not be able to afford to make a CV in French.

On our platform, we have translation experts who will help you make a CV for Australia in English meeting all required standards. For sectors of activity such as construction or real estate, technology, education, writing a CV is mandatory and must comply with the required form.

Some tips to observe

If you have already had volunteer experience, it is necessary to mark them on your CV because this will give you a lot more credit. In general, it is not recommended to put your photo on an Australian CV.

You can refrain from this and keep it very simple. If the recruiter asks for references on your old jobs, you should mark them – in other words, you don’t have to mark them.

Many recruiters also advise applicants to create a section at the very beginning of the CV in which they should indicate the career objective. Although it is not a requirement, it is a huge asset that you have in doing so. By downloading an Australian CV example from the net, you will have all the information you need to be able to write a foolproof CV that will allow you to get an interview in the box of your choice.