CV Templates by Design

To help you find your CV template we have classified CV/Resume Template by design: Original CV templates, Classic CV templates, Modern CV templates, 2 page CV templates, CV templates with picture, CV templates without picture. All you have to do is choose your template!

Original CV/Resume template

Our sample original CV/Resume to download are perfect for anyone who wants to stand out with a touch of originality. An original CV template is perfect to attract the recruiter’s attention and make the difference. Do what it takes to make your CV stand out from the crowd!

Examples of classic CV/Resume

Choose the sample Classic Resume you want. You will then be able to download, complete and print it completely free of charge. The classic CV templates are suitable for all types of profiles. They have a classic structure and sober colors. The Classic CV are simple, sober and elegant.

The modern, design and captivating CV

Choosing a modern resume template is a great way to launch a professional career. By opting for a more sought-after style, the candidate holds a major asset in his hands to impress his recruiter. As we all know, a document with shades of color in harmony, sophisticated graphic art and original information layout will not go unnoticed. Through this type of outstanding document, you can also highlight your personality. Creating a modern CV, with all the little details that make the difference, requires more time and patience. With this CV, the applicant can demonstrate his rigor and perseverance. Attracted by the design of the CV, the recruiter will be more willing to take an interest in the substance of the CV. By learning about the candidate’s profile, he will be able to have all the necessary elements to select this application.

Resume without a photo: stand out above all else!

Indeed, it is one of the best ways to intrigue the recruiter as to the “face” of the candidate using such a CV. The document must first reflect his or her daring and confident character. It must demonstrate that the applicant is confident in his or her assets and skills without putting a face to them. The layout, colors and the way the information is distributed must convince of the applicant’s know-how, sense of aesthetics, seriousness and professionalism. By brightening it up with various geometrical shapes skillfully placed here and there, it completes the process of convincing the recruiter for an interview appointment. Whether the CV without a photo thus marries two or more colors, whether it is designed as a high-level diploma or a web page, it gives the candidate every chance to land the desired position. Find all our cleverly elaborated models of CV without photo.