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Modern CV templates abroad to download

Do you want to work abroad? In each country, cultures and labor markets are different. To put all your chances on your side and find work abroad, you will need to have a good CV. We will therefore guide you in the creation of this Curriculum Vitae.

International CV

In what language should you write your CV?

Depending on the country you wish to go to, you will need to write or translate your CV into the language. For the majority of you, a CV in English will be required. If you are bilingual and speak very good English, you won’t have a problem. For others, you can already start by writing your CV in French. Then you can go through our platform to request a translation of your CV in English. Our English-speaking translators will translate your entire CV within 24 hours.

The specificities of CV abroad

Cultures are different in each country. This is why it is necessary to find out before creating your CV. For some destination, profile information is not useful and the structure of the CV is different. We invite you to consult our guides before writing your CV.

International CV

CV International, percutant et valorisant

Unless you are going to a modeling casting or applying as a flight attendant or hostess, including a photo is not always required on a resume. This is proven by these International CV models, which highlight the strengths and skills of the candidate, the essential criteria that must take precedence in the search for a new employee. Indeed, in an era when in the world of work, there should be no discrimination any longer, whether the applicant is a man or a woman does not matter. Likewise, whether the candidate is still young or of a certain age does not constitute an obstacle to being granted a job. These are the reasons why the majority of our International CV examples do not contain any photos. On the other hand, they use a profusion of showy colors to distinguish the essential points of the content. They also use large geometric shapes to distinguish them, so that they are obvious to the recruiter.

International CV formats for all tastes

Our International CV examples suggest that you indicate at the top and in large letters your first and last name as well as your contact details. We then allow you to list your professional experiences in reverse chronological order by putting the most recent at the beginning. Everything has been thought out so that the most important details are noticed by the recruiter from the first glance without the latter having to scrutinize the sections of the document one by one. The decorative elements have also been carefully selected: colors, geometric shapes, fonts, etc. All in total harmony and without lack of taste. A very attractive visual effect! All you have to do is make your choice of an impactful international CV to promote your application following an international job solicitation.