Canadian CV

Canadian Resume Template to download and fill out in Word

You want to write a Canadian CV? Here are different examples of modern CV in Word format adapted to a job in Canadian. You can download them !

Structure of the Canadian CV

The Canadian CV has its own specificities that you must respect if you want to get work in Canada. The Canadian CV format is 81/2 x 11 inches, i.e. 21.6 x 27.9 cm which is the US letter size.

The Canadian CV therefore does not have the same format as the French CV which is A4 size 21 x 29.7 cm. Don’t worry because you may find the US letter format option in your computer’s Word. The length of the Canadian CV is also different, here it is between one and three pages.

Generally it is recommended to make the Canadian CV in 2 pages for it to be detailed. Likewise, the Canadian CV does not require your personal information: indeed it is useless or even prohibited to mention your age, date of birth, children, etc. on your Canadian CV. The Canadian CV emphasizes professional skills because that is what matters to recruiters.

Canadian Resume Template for download

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How to write the Canadian CV?

The skills

Know that in Canada, your skills take precedence over your educational background, so your Canadian CV should highlight your professional skills. To do this, you must develop each of your skills at the CV for Canada level, specifying your former functions and tasks. If you have the option to estimate the results as a percentage, that would be great. You can tailor your Canadian CV to each advertisement to better identify the skills you are looking for and draw attention to you. Do not forget to mention vs relationship skills because this is an important point in Canada.

The contact section

At the top of your Canadian CV, you must fill in your information: your email, your phone number and your Skype. If you have a French number, write it in international format with the code +33.


In Canada, recruiters are used to checking the references listed. This allows them to have certainty about your background and your skills. However, the references do not have to be on the Canadian CV, they must be put on a list with all the necessary information.