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What is a Cover Letter?

The Cover Letter is a document of a maximum of one page, addressed to a recruiter to express your willingness to work with him or her while showing your qualities for the position.
There are two types of Cover Letters: the unsolicited application and the letter that responds to an ad. The organization of the letter will evolve according to the level of experience of the candidate.

As a complement to the C.V., the Cover Letter must be adapted to the company and the position sought; there are as many cover letters as there are job ads. In fact, in order to get your application across to a recruiter, the fact that you are interested in the company, that you have information and that you know where you are applying is of the utmost importance.

With the Cover Letter, you can highlight the qualities that you were not able to explain in your CV  which is not intended for this purpose. This is called subjective data.

Why Use a Cover Letter Template?

Your Cover Letter is just as (if not more) important than your Resume.

After all, your Resume is what gets your foot through the door, but a cover letter is what opens that door.

So, if you put so much effort into your Resume, why not do the same with your Cover Letter?

A good Cover Letter Template can show the recruiter that you are serious about the job (especially if it matches your Resume design).