Communication CV

Resume Templates for Communication profession in Word Format

Are you looking for a job in the Communication sector? Then you will need to create your CV and assure recruiters that you are the ideal employee. offers a list of CV templates to download in Word format (docx / doc) Discover perfectly structured and professional CV templates to find a job in the Communication sector.

CV communication: creative and modern CV templates

On this page, you will find dozens of examples of communication and marketing CV written by professionals and advice on what to focus on in your communication CV.

Tips for writing an excellent communication CV

  • Use numbers and graphs, if necessary, when writing your communication CV. This helps recruiters who read your CV to visualize the impact you had in your previous jobs.
  • Highlight competencies that demonstrate your qualifications as a communications professional. They can take the form of skills related to creativity, web design, advertising campaign execution, analysis, among others.
  • Avoid sharing information about your personal life when writing your CV. Topics such as hobbies and interests allow you to share what you enjoy outside of work, but too many details become impertinent to the reader and it doesn’t seem professional.
  • Be sure to make your CV as direct and accurate as possible to demonstrate your understanding of the concept of marketing.
  • Good writing is essential in any CV. Always check your final document for possible errors so that you can send the most refined version.

Skills to focus on when writing a Word marketing and communication CV

  • Development of the company’s marketing and communication strategy
  • Design and production of written and visual communication supports
  • Design and management of direct marketing campaigns
  • Website and blog animation
  • Community management and performance monitoring
  • Campaign management with partner communication agencies

How to list certifications on a communication CV?

There are several ways to list certifications on a communication CV depending on preferences and how the CV is structured. You can list the certifications required for the job you want in your summary report. Some resumes display certifications in the qualifications or skills section. You can also list certifications in reverse chronological order in the education section of your resume or in a separate certifications section.