Architecture CV

Resume Templates for Architecture profession in Word Format

Are you looking for a job in the Architecture sector? Then you will need to create your CV and assure recruiters that you are the ideal employee. offers a list of CV templates to download in Word format (docx / doc) Discover perfectly structured and professional CV templates to find a job in the Architecture sector.

Architecture CV : Creative and efficient

In addition to the information that the candidate gives, the recruiter also wants to see through the reading of a CV what the applicant does not clearly say. Indeed, more than CV from other sectors, the CV of a candidate for a position in architecture must reflect his profile and ideas as well as possible. To do this, the CV must propose something singular in its design. First of all to avoid falling into the lot of banal CV, but above all to show that the candidate is brimming with ideas. But having an original CV is nothing (or at least, is not enough) if it does not provide relevant information to the recruiter. It is therefore useful to put together a CV that highlights the information that will convince the recruiter of your potential and make sure that the form and content of the CV are not out of line!

Quality architecture CV

If you are looking for ideas to achieve this, you’ve come to the right place, as we have several examples of resumes that reflect originality and organization. The CV Templates we offer you here are design, and by customizing them according to your background, you are sure to have a good application in your hands. A meaningful summary of your background is a good start. Then, the best thing to do is to choose the style of CV that comes closest to your ideas and eventually choose the theme according to the company’s colors or else a color that suits you. The architectural Resume templates offered here will be ready to be sent once you have integrated the required information. Your application will be enhanced by a personalized curriculum vitae specifically designed for the theme of architecture.