6 Secrets For An Exceptional Resume

Did you know that “CV” in Latin means “life course”? This explains very well the importance and uniqueness of it. Much more than a simple piece of paper, it is the keystone of your professional life. It tells your story, your achievements and can lead you to many opportunities. While it is the employer’s first impression of you, you must stand out from your many competitors by ensuring that it is impeccable and enhances you. Whether it is original or classic depending on your position, here are 6 secrets to make an exceptional Resume/cv a success.

1. Seduce the employer from the first line with a catchy personal statement

The opening paragraph is crucial and must be particularly careful to make the employer want to continue reading. It is then a matter of drawing his attention in a concise way. This is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself and answer the basic questions that you may have: who you are, what makes you the perfect candidate and your professional objectives.

If you have a lot of work experience, you will have to make choices. While the rules are that a Resume/cv should only run on one page, you may need to limit your experiences. Generally, for a busy career, going back 10 years seems sufficient as long as the jobs you note are consistent with the position you are looking for.

2. Talk about professional success

Most CVs are written in such a way that each experience is briefly described. This method is somewhat banal and boring for the employer who needs to be invested in reading the Resume/cv . To do this, anchor bullets to list your key successes and the skills you have developed, especially if you are in a technical position. The employer wants to see what you have done in addition to what was asked of you, your added value, your initiative and leadership.

3. Include academic experience

You may already be doing so, but it is essential to note your academic background in your Resume/cv , with the year of graduation and the school at which you studied. Any training relevant to the position may be indicated.

4. Show who you are through your interests

Talking about your interests is highly recommended if you want to give your Resume/cv a little character. Without listing your hobbies one after the other, you can briefly describe them so that they echo the rest of your Resume/cv ; an area of interest must highlight a quality, a skill necessary or appreciated for the position, especially if you have competed, or if you have a certain level of responsibility. Of course, you will have to exclude anything like watching TV or going out with friends.

5. Propose references

If you do not want to automatically add your references to each of your resumes, you can simply annotate “possibility to provide references” so that the employer knows you have them and that they are available. This will be reassuring for him and a guarantee of your professionalism.

6. Personalize your CV

Even if you have a standard Resume/cv for all the positions you apply for, you will still need to customize it. List everything the employer is looking for, insert these keywords as you can and adjust some information – without lying – so that the Resume/cv is tailor-made for the company.

For an exceptional resume, you must first and foremost be professional, attract attention and be able to meet the employer’s needs. These few tips will help you to have a resume that sets you apart from the competition and bring you closer to the job of your dreams.

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