The job interview by videoconference

Remote maintenance is not a frequent exercise for you? Unfortunately, with today’s conditions, it is a step you will surely have to go through if you are looking for a job, an internship or a work-study.

Therefore, you will have to prepare yourself so that it goes well and you get the job!

Preparation at home?

Indeed, even if you are at home, this exercise requires a minimum of preparation if you want it to take place in the best conditions.

First of all, choose the location. Choose a room where you will have a fairly neutral background with optimal lighting and good brightness. So, avoid your bathroom where the sound could resonate or your mother’s room lined with pictures of your baby brothers and sisters. Put away the room as well as your personal belongings, imagine that your tablet falls down, the recruiter might see your beautiful pair of colorful socks.

Once you’ve found the place, think about settling in to do some technical tests. You will probably be using your computer, tablet or mobile phone, so you should be comfortable with this tool. Beforehand, check your connection, the sound but also the webcam. Do some tests with the software you are going to use and don’t forget to charge your battery or do your maintenance while staying connected to avoid any problems.
You may not have thought about it, but you may need to use a nickname, especially if you’re using Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or even .

Photo The job interview by videoconference

Hangout. So, make sure your email address isn’t [email protected] and change your nickname to show your first and last name. It may be relevant to create a new account dedicated to your professional activities. During the confinement, you will use these same tools with your family and friends, including to organize virtual aperitifs. It would be a shame if your last nickname alludes to your historical nickname or the last jokes shared with your friends!

Take care of his presentation, but why?

The job interview by videoconference

You are at home, in an environment that you know and feel comfortable in, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be professional.
So, get out your interview outfit and don’t just put on your shirt. Imagine that you had to get up during the interview for some reason, it would be a shame to burn all your cards because you would prefer to wear your Sunday jogging suit.
During the interview, you will also need to pay attention to your posture, stand up straight, be cantered and clearly visible. In addition, your gaze should be turned, as much as possible, towards the camera (and not towards your screen).

Video conferencing also means taking steps to be taken into account. You may encounter connection problems or small delays. So, don’t hesitate to articulate well and speak softly to be audible. And don’t be embarrassed to make the recruiter repeat a question if you haven’t heard it. You can also ask the interviewer for his or her mobile phone number, in case the video is interrupted, in order to end the interview by phone.
Finally, bring out your best smile to convey a dynamic and enthusiastic image.

What’s the interview all about?

Whether it is done at a distance or in physics, the exercise is the same. You must therefore research the company beforehand and be able to stick to the job description.
Structure your speech and be concise. Practice introducing yourself: talk about your profile, your background and what you are aiming for (your pitch).
As with any interview, think about the equipment (other than digital), i.e. something to take notes, prepare the documents you want to share with the recruiter, write a list of questions to ask at the end of the interview, …
Remember to arrive a few minutes early to check that everything is functional, put your laptop on silent mode, close the windows in the room and those on your computer that might make noise during the interview. The goal: to put you in the best possible conditions.
Once the interview is over, don’t forget the thank-you e-mail to show your desire to join the company and thank the recruiter for his time.

The job interview by videoconference

As you will have understood, the remote job interview is certainly more reassuring and saves you precious time, but it is not an easier exercise. This is why it should not be taken lightly and should be prepared in the same way as a physical interview.
Now it’s up to you!

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