Discover the top 20 pages for finding telework offers. Work from home and earn money remotely – grow professionally!

Society is changing and it is increasingly common for people to work remotely. Every day there are more and more sites to find telework offers. This new option for workers allows them to create their own schedules and saves them the commute to the office.
What makes working from home especially attractive is the freedom it brings. A remote worker can set up his own space with the furniture he likes best and choose the clothes he will wear any day of the week.
There are different ways to call telework, also known as home office, telecommuting, work from home or remote work. Usually, people who do telework are freelancers or self-employed, which means that they do not have the benefits of a company, but this does not necessarily have to be the case.
Thanks to the expansion of the digital market, there are hundreds of companies that hire people from different countries and give them benefits such as paid holidays, health insurance, bonuses and other types of assistance that each country’s law provides to its workers.
To find the best remote job offers, we have made a selection of 20 websites where you can search for the remote employment you need.

1. Infojobs

Infojobs is one of the main online platforms for job searches. One of the options it has is the possibility to search by filter, and one of the filters is to find remote job offers. The advantage is that not only companies that offer remote work in English appear.

2. Indeed

Another top job-finding site is Indeed. Its platform is very friendly and easy to use. In the job search engine, type the word “telework” and you will see that many options are displayed. Important companies worldwide collaborate with this platform.

3. Guru

Another platform that you will find only in English, but its more than 1 million members will encourage you to start your application in one of the remote job offers they have.

4. Fiverr

This platform works in the opposite way, that is, here you do not look for offers, rather, you offer your services so that, if any company is interested in what you do, they make you an offer to work together. This is a different way of finding distance work.

5. Upwork

One of the most important portals for freelancers, freelancers or self-employed people. It has a handling of more than one billion dollars between workers and employers. A very competitive site where you have to show your best to stand out from the rest of the workers.

6. Freelancer

As its name suggests, it is a portal for freelancers or freelancers looking for project work. There are even offers that require more than a couple of days, some employers offer long-term collaborations. Your customers’ ratings are the key to getting more work.

7. Flex jobs

For working from home, Flexjobs is a page that will help you find different offers. They are aimed at digital nomads, that is, workers who travel around the world without having a fixed residence and, at the same time, continue working digitally, from their laptop.

8. Malt

With this platform, you can get an offer, agree on a proposal and finalize the project to receive your payment. This platform is aimed at freelancers who are looking for different clients.

9. We work remotely

On this page you will find hundreds of remote jobs offers. It’s easy to use and has over 2.5 million job offers. It’s definitely an option you should try.

10. Work around the world

This is a Spanish speaking website where you will find offers to work around the world. For them, the area is not important, as they are aimed at all types of professionals. You can work from home, have a job at a distance and find other offers in their job portal.

10. Work around the world

20 pages to find telework offers

11. Working nomads

This website offers interesting job offers in various professional areas. You will be able to get in touch with innovative companies that apply for independent positions.

12. Freelance work

It is a basic page, with a design that fulfills its function, but does not offer more. However, it works for what it was created for: finding work at a distance.

13. Workana

A platform created entirely for Spanish speakers. The offers are mainly focused on Latin America. If you do not yet speak any other languages, you can start teleworking through the offers that Workana has to offer.

14. Virtual vocations

This small portal offers remote job offers and provides information on companies that have vacancies. A simple, US-centric option.

15. People per hour

This British website connects companies with freelancers to offer online jobs. They have thousands of projects focused on different areas that may interest you.

16. Jooble

Jooble is a job search portal that also has a teleworking filter to find remote job offers. If you want to find a job from home, this page can help you.

17. Jobatus

The Jobatus job portal has hundreds of job offers. Its advanced search allows you to choose the remote job option to find the remote job you have in mind.

18. I am a freelancer

A website for Spanish speakers that allows you to find work as a freelancer. It’s easy to use, it will be of great help to you.

19. Twago

This website to find employment handles an auction system, that is, if you want to do a job, you must bid your price and compete with other professionals who would do the same for less money. The more jobs you do, the higher your rank and the more money you can ask for for the jobs you do.

20. Speedlancer

In this portal they have in mind the phrase “time is money”, therefore, they give you a time limit to deliver your work, on average it gives you 4 hours. Not everything is stress, this way, you will receive money faster. Giving and giving!

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Discover how to do a job interview by Zoom in 6 steps. Learn tips to improve your interview and make your video call a success.

Every day it’s more common for employers or recruiters to conduct video interviews to simplify travel times and save costs. Will you have a video interview? You can do it through different applications, one that is in vogue is Zoom, used by hundreds of users worldwide.
How to have a successful interview in Zoom? In this article we will give you some tips on how to use the tools that this platform offers and, in this way, leave a very good impression on recruiters.
The only thing you need before starting the job interview is a little practice, because, as they say “practice makes perfect”, this phrase applies to all areas of life. Here are some tips for preparing for a job interview by Zoom.

1. Open Zoom on your computer

To use Zoom you do not need to download the app, you can use the platform directly from its zoom.us website.
To do a job interview through Zoom, you can:
Start a meeting (if you are the interviewer)
Join one by means of a code that will designate the person who invites you to the interview.
It’s best to prepare yourself in advance and know how to use the features contained in this application so that you can improve your transmission and master all the tools that can enhance your interview.
Don’t forget to test your camera and microphone to make sure they work properly. Try the computer microphone and the headset microphone to see which works best for you this time.

2. Virtual Background

One of the options allowed by Zoom is to use a virtual background to prevent interviewers from seeing your home. For a job interview it is not recommended that you use it, because the best thing is the naturalness and formality that you can give to the event.
However, you can find a good background that makes you look more creative, especially if you are applying for a designer position or for a position that requires your originality.
To place a virtual background, you just have to go to the settings tab and click on the option “virtual background”.

6 tips to do a job interview by Zoom

3. Zoom filter for image retouching

This application has filters that can improve your appearance, it won’t display as many as Instagram or Snapchat, but it could help you to retouch your image.
To find the filter option, go to Settings, then to the Video tab and check the “apply video filters” option.

4. Record the job interview by Zoom

Zoom allows you to record your video calls. If you want, check the option so you can give yourself feedback at the end. We recommend that you ask the interviewer if you can record the conversation, because other users can see when the video call is being recorded.
It’s best not to record yourself during the phone interview, but to do so a few days beforehand with other applications so that you can practice and analyze your body language, listen to your voice and know whether you should speak louder or more clearly. Remember to look at the camera as if it were the interviewer’s eyes and not make too many movements or stay static.

5. Be on time

In every job interview, whether face-to-face or by video call, you have to be on time. Have everything ready 10 minutes before your interview, prepare your video angle and keep all communication channels close to you. You may be contacted to find out if you are ready or ready to start and, in the case of Zoom, to share with you the key to joining the video call.

6. CV and job description

It is very important that you have your CV and job description at hand. You will need to refer to this information several times during the interview. Whether you have it open on another screen, on your tablet, smartphone or printed out.


You lost your job because of the health crisis and you need an income. Find out which are the most requested temporary jobs during quarantine. Get a job!

Food factories

As the demand for food bought in supermarkets has increased, factories also need staff to help operate the machines and distribute the products.


Another sector that has increased its sales is pharmacies, so there are offers to work in the sale of medicines.

Laboratories that produce medicines

Like food production, drug production has also increased and there are laboratories that have open contracts.

Online sales or e-commerce

As expected, if people are in confinement and cannot leave their homes to shop, they will shop online. Therefore, online sales have skyrocketed and companies offering this service need to contract:


Although there are companies that have agreements with courier companies, there are those who do it internally, they are the ones who need to hire couriers.

Logistics managers

The huge increase in sales requires people to take care of logistics to organize sales processes, collections, order requests, delivery scheduling and more.

Customer Service

The online commerce has thousands of customers waiting for someone to solve the common doubts that arise when buying or being interested in some product, temporary contracts will be made to serve their customers.

Most of the jobs most requested by companies in time of quarantine are related to the Digital / e-Commerce sector.


The restaurant industry has been affected by the closure of public places. However, there are those who can offer take-out or home cooked meals. As a result, demand has increased in many restaurants and they are hiring more:


If you have experience in cooking and work under pressure, this is your chance to get a temporary job as a cook, the demandis very high these days.

The most requested jobs during quarantine

Home delivery

Most supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants need delivery people to make home deliveries. There are many who work with companies such as Ubber eats, Glovo, Rappi, Deliveroo, Sin Apron among others. You can look for confinement time job offers in these companies, because these days they need to increase their number of delivery people.


If the world crisis was generated by a health problem, those who most need to increase their number of workers are hospitals.


Since the degree of transmission of the coronavirus is very high, there have been hundreds of doctors infected in the world, so hospitals need to increase the number of doctors who can work in this health emergency. Look for job offers directly in your country’s government pages.

Nurses, nurses

Just as doctors are required, so are nurses. This health emergency requires staff who have not been infected with coronavirus to help the sick.

CTA Executives

Hundreds of companies, which may or may not be closed at present, need Customer Service executives who can solve the doubts of their customers or users. Therefore, the demand for ATC executives has increased in recent days.


Factories and warehouses need transporters to take the material to the supermarkets or pharmacies. Look for employment in this industry.

Transnational companies

The main transnational companies that are recruiting personnel are:

  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Lidl
  • Google

If you do home office, discover new ideas for working from home. We will give you the best keys to teleworking. Tricks for remote work.

Whether it’s by choice or because a pandemic has brought you to work from home, we have the best tips for you to know how to organize yourself to work remotely. Don’t worry, you won’t suffer from it, on the contrary, if you follow each one of our tips on time, doing home office will be an activity you will enjoy a lot.

Every day there are more and more companies that offer teleworking, remote work, home office or remote work. Thanks to the digital world, we can connect from anywhere in the world and work for any country. Technology has allowed us to eliminate work borders.

There are some people who are not convinced by the idea of working at home, perhaps it is all due to a lack of organization. That’s why we’ve prepared these 10 must-have tips for working from home, follow them and enjoy a new way of working.


  1. Set yourself a schedule

Both to start your working day and to finish it, it is important that you set yourself a schedule. Always wake up at the same time, do the rituals you want, such as making coffee or a small breakfast, do a meditation, whatever you want, but always sit down to work at the same time.

Humans need to create routines to be more productive, if you sit down to work at the same time, you will have the habit and it will not cost you any work, even if you have slept the night before.

Don’t overwork yourself, unless of course you are paid overtime. There’s a reason why there are schedules, respect them and ask your team to respect them. When your day is over, you should say goodbye and turn everything off to continue with your own activities, remember that life is much more than just work.


  1. Take a shower

Both your mind and your body must be ready to begin the work. Therefore, it is important that you take a shower, even if you are not going to leave the house, this is one of the main keys to work at home. This way, you will refresh yourself, your mind will be more focused and you will help to have a good health. If it works for you, take a shower one night before, some people prefer to take a bath at night instead of first thing in the morning, that’s a matter of taste.


  1. Change your pajama for casual clothes

Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you have to stay in your pajamas all day. To create habits, the mind needs to know that pajamas are clothes for resting, for lying down in bed and sleeping, they are the clothes designated to rest. On the other hand, the casual or formal clothes are the ones designed to activate you and start your activities.

You don’t have to dress up or dress down, although you can do so if you have a video call with your work colleagues. It all depends on what makes you feel good. Comfort is also important for performance at work.

  1. Find your workspace

To facilitate your concentration, it is advisable that you look for a space within the house and designate it as your workplace. It can be wherever you want, as long as it allows you to sit for many hours without hurting your neck or back.

Make sure that your space has as much natural light as possible and that it is always clean. If a window is possible, better, ventilation is necessary to oxygenate the brain. In case you have a conventional desk, try to have an ergonomic chair, because spending many hours in one position could cause problems in your lower back or in some other area of your back.

A great trick to work from home with the computer is to have plants, because they always give life and oxygenate the space. Decorate your place with some plants. Avoid at all costs being near screens or any object that can easily distract you. Your workspace should help you to concentrate and stay calm.


  1. Create a calendar to organize yourself

So that you don’t see the hours go by without progressing in your day’s work, it is important that you help yourself from a calendar or organizer. There are many digital applications that can help you make your daily schedule. This way, you will receive alerts or notifications when it is time to do a certain activity.

If technology overwhelms you and you prefer the analog, you can always use post-it notes and paste them around your workplace or have a whiteboard to put up sheets of paper with your earrings. Unleash your creativity and find the best way to organize, there are many ways, it’s just a matter of finding one that works for you.


  1. Don’t open your social networks

One minute you’re all focused and working online non-stop and suddenly you’re answering messages from your friends or looking at pictures of food that your colleagues posted on Instagram, even, you’re photographing your coffee cup and thinking about what will be the best hashtags to have more likes than in the previous post. Stop!

There’s time for everything, focus on work, fulfill your responsibilities, and the breaks can be used for whatever you want, including social networking.


  1. Make music your ally, not your enemy

Music can be a great help to achieve concentration, as long as you choose the right genre for it, it’s not the same to put Bach’s fugues or some Beethoven’s sonata, as an Iron Maiden’s heavy metal song.

Sure, everyone works differently and you can relax to a piece of music that disturbs someone else, but it’s all about finding a balance and making sure the music you choose allows you to concentrate, motivate or inspire. Writing is not the same as designing or programming, so find music that will impact your work in a positive way.


  1. Ask for respect for your schedule at home

If you live with a partner, with children, roomies or your parents, it is important that you make it clear to them that they must respect your work schedule. It would be best not to live with them during your working time and to do so only during your breaks. Surely, they also have pending tasks, work or any activity they want to do alone.

Talk to whoever you live with and explain to them what your work schedule is so that they do not interrupt or bother you because you do not answer their calls.


  1. Take short breaks

You can’t work at home on the Internet on a regular basis without taking breaks, which is bad for your mental and physical health. The most important thing is that you take a few minutes to stretch to avoid problems with your posture. The lower back is usually the most injured, so stretch as much as possible.

One advantage of being at home is that you can put a mat on the floor and do some yoga postures or a short routine that helps you oxygenate your body. Some people recommend taking breaks every 40 minutes that don’t exceed five minutes. At that time, you can check your social networks or go out on the balcony or lean out the window, drink water, make yourself a coffee or whatever you feel like doing.


  1. Change emails to calls

There are many people at work who prefer to switch calls to emails, but we recommend that you don’t do this. Calling your co-workers is stimulating and productive, and it’s not as if you’re isolating yourself from the world and then having psychological repercussions.

Keeping in touch with people will make you feel better. So call them, it doesn’t have to be all video calls, but at least it does have to be listening to other people’s voices and allowing you to speak to express your concerns.

Remote maintenance is not a frequent exercise for you? Unfortunately, with today’s conditions, it is a step you will surely have to go through if you are looking for a job, an internship or a work-study.

Therefore, you will have to prepare yourself so that it goes well and you get the job!

Preparation at home?

Indeed, even if you are at home, this exercise requires a minimum of preparation if you want it to take place in the best conditions.

First of all, choose the location. Choose a room where you will have a fairly neutral background with optimal lighting and good brightness. So, avoid your bathroom where the sound could resonate or your mother’s room lined with pictures of your baby brothers and sisters. Put away the room as well as your personal belongings, imagine that your tablet falls down, the recruiter might see your beautiful pair of colorful socks.

Once you’ve found the place, think about settling in to do some technical tests. You will probably be using your computer, tablet or mobile phone, so you should be comfortable with this tool. Beforehand, check your connection, the sound but also the webcam. Do some tests with the software you are going to use and don’t forget to charge your battery or do your maintenance while staying connected to avoid any problems.
You may not have thought about it, but you may need to use a nickname, especially if you’re using Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or even .

Photo The job interview by videoconference

Hangout. So, make sure your email address isn’t [email protected] and change your nickname to show your first and last name. It may be relevant to create a new account dedicated to your professional activities. During the confinement, you will use these same tools with your family and friends, including to organize virtual aperitifs. It would be a shame if your last nickname alludes to your historical nickname or the last jokes shared with your friends!

Take care of his presentation, but why?

The job interview by videoconference

You are at home, in an environment that you know and feel comfortable in, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be professional.
So, get out your interview outfit and don’t just put on your shirt. Imagine that you had to get up during the interview for some reason, it would be a shame to burn all your cards because you would prefer to wear your Sunday jogging suit.
During the interview, you will also need to pay attention to your posture, stand up straight, be cantered and clearly visible. In addition, your gaze should be turned, as much as possible, towards the camera (and not towards your screen).

Video conferencing also means taking steps to be taken into account. You may encounter connection problems or small delays. So, don’t hesitate to articulate well and speak softly to be audible. And don’t be embarrassed to make the recruiter repeat a question if you haven’t heard it. You can also ask the interviewer for his or her mobile phone number, in case the video is interrupted, in order to end the interview by phone.
Finally, bring out your best smile to convey a dynamic and enthusiastic image.

What’s the interview all about?

Whether it is done at a distance or in physics, the exercise is the same. You must therefore research the company beforehand and be able to stick to the job description.
Structure your speech and be concise. Practice introducing yourself: talk about your profile, your background and what you are aiming for (your pitch).
As with any interview, think about the equipment (other than digital), i.e. something to take notes, prepare the documents you want to share with the recruiter, write a list of questions to ask at the end of the interview, …
Remember to arrive a few minutes early to check that everything is functional, put your laptop on silent mode, close the windows in the room and those on your computer that might make noise during the interview. The goal: to put you in the best possible conditions.
Once the interview is over, don’t forget the thank-you e-mail to show your desire to join the company and thank the recruiter for his time.

The job interview by videoconference

As you will have understood, the remote job interview is certainly more reassuring and saves you precious time, but it is not an easier exercise. This is why it should not be taken lightly and should be prepared in the same way as a physical interview.
Now it’s up to you!

We will never repeat it enough: to find out if you have a hard-hitting CV, just count the number of recruiting interviews that you have been able to pick up. Yes, the only inducer that lets you know if your CV is good is the rate of interviews triggered.

So here you are, with your CV concrete you have passed the filter of the sorting of CV, Boolean operators, robots, the first telephone interview. You are coming for your recruiting interview, ready to fight! Nevertheless, how to introduce yourself and submit your resume recruitment interview?

We will probably ask you if you found the premises easily, ask you 2 or 3 questions of convenience while driving to the Manager’s office. There you settle down and look forward to the first question of the recruiter.

She falls: “Well, I suggest you talk to me about yourself and introduce yourself if you want to?”

With its variants: “I propose to unwind your CV in a few minutes…” “,” I invite you to begin to give me a presentation of your CV and your course… ».

99% * of candidates start their recruitment interview by re-reading the CV

If you do as 99% of the candidates, you are starting your recruitment interview with a proofreading of your CV. Moreover, you are going to start well obviously by… Your Bac… Bad News, there is much better to do.

Your resume the recruiter read it, since he chose to receive you. He probably has it under his eyes. For the sake of anticipation, (he may have forgotten it), you can offer him one that you will have printed for him, an updated version why not by the way. If the recruiter offers to present your CV, it is primarily because he thinks of you, and that this presentation will allow you to make yourself comfortable. A way to start maintenance smoothly, without destabilizing yourself, with a “standard” question. However, do not miss this step; do not be boring by throwing yourself in a long boring and exhaustive diatribe!

Pitch your CV in 3 to 5 minutes maximum.

No need to reread experience after experience your CV, starting from the oldest. You have to pitch your CV in 3 minutes! First of all, introduce yourself from a personal point of view. Who you are, where you come from, give some personality elements, without going into detail. Take a stand against the idea that one speaks first of his skills then of his motivations and finally of his personality. Say why you are here, what motivates you in the position to be filled, what is the meaning of your candidacy. In 1 minutes no more without delayering.

To talk about your résumé, be synthetic. Only highlight the elements of your CV directly related to the position to be filled, with the missions, in relation to the corporate culture, emphasizing your latest professional experiences, not the oldest! By focusing immediately on these points, you will pass the following message: The skills you are looking for I have them. The problems you have, I know how to solve them. “For each skill you evoke, quantify your actions, be factual, but again without too much detail. You will “tender Poles”, “put water to the mouth” to your interlocutor who will return on your remarks in the thread of the interview and will invite you to detail them.

Put forward the relevant elements of your course, those linked to the expectations of the recruiter.

Finally to finish the presentation of your CV, and there as quickly, you will unfold the rest of your course by mentioning only the title of your experiences without detailing them. Put forward for each one or two skills that you have particularly developed (also chosen according to the position to be filled), or significant results or even elements of satisfaction, challenges that have especially boosted.

To talk about his CV in the introduction of an interview is therefore to have prepared a pitch of 3 to 5 minutes maximum, which evokes first elements, strengths, without saying too much, leaving room for further developments. Do not completely review your CV, line by line, but extract what will directly interest the interlocutor in the position to be filled.

This exercise requires that you repeat your pitch at home. It will be difficult to improvise at the time of the interview. Write it, repeat it, be very comfortable with your choices, and especially have your pitch stick to your recruiter’s presumed expectations.

Remember, what matters is not you (the service) but the customer need (your recruiter)!

Your resume must be personalized for each company you want, but it must also be tailored to your field. Each sector has its own specificities, and it is important to highlight them during an application and show a real interest for the targeted industry. Engineering being a technical field, here are some tips for writing your resume.

Showcase your technical skills

If you have to list a list of software, computer knowledge, systems, and processes, it is best to list them in a separate section to highlight them and not to clutter and weigh down the descriptive content of your jobs. . In addition, this will attract the eye of the employer who can quickly visualize all the technical skills you master.

Also keep in mind that if you apply for online offers, the employer will be able to search for a profile or analyze your profile using keywords that match what they are looking for, which is why it is so important that they be present in your CV.

Interpersonal qualities

Engineering is certainly a sector that requires a lot of technicality, and it is crucial that your CV reflects this singularity. However, with strong competition in the job market, you need to find other assets to make you stand out. Your interpersonal skills will enhance your ability to communicate and work as a team. These skills are more general but will add personality to your resume and denote a sociable character.

Also, lighten your technical sense by indicating your interests. These are very important to show that you lead a balanced life. Even more so if you travel, it will prove that you appreciate the movement and that you adapt easily in different environments.

Highlight your qualities for the post

The ability to report to an audience on a regular basis is a quality that will be appreciated. Feel free to provide figures for these reports so that the employer can contextualize this skill.

If you have taken part in projects during your career, cite them to show your ability to work in groups and take initiatives. Name the size of the project, the duration and the number of people involved. If you have been able to work internationally, this will certainly be a plus.

Also, be part of your methodical and versatile, essential in the engineering profession. Quote your taste for anticipation and management of task prioritization, but also your ability to stay calm under pressure to counterbalance your organizational sense that can sometimes be stressful for some people.

Show off your achievements

While remaining humble, list all the advances you have made in the past to your employers. If any of your ideas helped to develop or improve any product, you must be sure that the employer will appreciate it.

Writing an engineer’s CV is characterized by a good balance between the technicalities specific to the job and your social and professional qualities, in order to show your skills and abilities to adapt to a new environment and a new team.