You lost your job because of the health crisis and you need an income. Find out which are the most requested temporary jobs during quarantine. Get a job!

Food factories

As the demand for food bought in supermarkets has increased, factories also need staff to help operate the machines and distribute the products.


Another sector that has increased its sales is pharmacies, so there are offers to work in the sale of medicines.

Laboratories that produce medicines

Like food production, drug production has also increased and there are laboratories that have open contracts.

Online sales or e-commerce

As expected, if people are in confinement and cannot leave their homes to shop, they will shop online. Therefore, online sales have skyrocketed and companies offering this service need to contract:


Although there are companies that have agreements with courier companies, there are those who do it internally, they are the ones who need to hire couriers.

Logistics managers

The huge increase in sales requires people to take care of logistics to organize sales processes, collections, order requests, delivery scheduling and more.

Customer Service

The online commerce has thousands of customers waiting for someone to solve the common doubts that arise when buying or being interested in some product, temporary contracts will be made to serve their customers.

Most of the jobs most requested by companies in time of quarantine are related to the Digital / e-Commerce sector.


The restaurant industry has been affected by the closure of public places. However, there are those who can offer take-out or home cooked meals. As a result, demand has increased in many restaurants and they are hiring more:


If you have experience in cooking and work under pressure, this is your chance to get a temporary job as a cook, the demandis very high these days.

The most requested jobs during quarantine

Home delivery

Most supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants need delivery people to make home deliveries. There are many who work with companies such as Ubber eats, Glovo, Rappi, Deliveroo, Sin Apron among others. You can look for confinement time job offers in these companies, because these days they need to increase their number of delivery people.


If the world crisis was generated by a health problem, those who most need to increase their number of workers are hospitals.


Since the degree of transmission of the coronavirus is very high, there have been hundreds of doctors infected in the world, so hospitals need to increase the number of doctors who can work in this health emergency. Look for job offers directly in your country’s government pages.

Nurses, nurses

Just as doctors are required, so are nurses. This health emergency requires staff who have not been infected with coronavirus to help the sick.

CTA Executives

Hundreds of companies, which may or may not be closed at present, need Customer Service executives who can solve the doubts of their customers or users. Therefore, the demand for ATC executives has increased in recent days.


Factories and warehouses need transporters to take the material to the supermarkets or pharmacies. Look for employment in this industry.

Transnational companies

The main transnational companies that are recruiting personnel are:

  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Lidl
  • Google

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