6 tips to do a job interview by Zoom

Discover how to do a job interview by Zoom in 6 steps. Learn tips to improve your interview and make your video call a success.

Every day it’s more common for employers or recruiters to conduct video interviews to simplify travel times and save costs. Will you have a video interview? You can do it through different applications, one that is in vogue is Zoom, used by hundreds of users worldwide.
How to have a successful interview in Zoom? In this article we will give you some tips on how to use the tools that this platform offers and, in this way, leave a very good impression on recruiters.
The only thing you need before starting the job interview is a little practice, because, as they say “practice makes perfect”, this phrase applies to all areas of life. Here are some tips for preparing for a job interview by Zoom.

1. Open Zoom on your computer

To use Zoom you do not need to download the app, you can use the platform directly from its zoom.us website.
To do a job interview through Zoom, you can:
Start a meeting (if you are the interviewer)
Join one by means of a code that will designate the person who invites you to the interview.
It’s best to prepare yourself in advance and know how to use the features contained in this application so that you can improve your transmission and master all the tools that can enhance your interview.
Don’t forget to test your camera and microphone to make sure they work properly. Try the computer microphone and the headset microphone to see which works best for you this time.

2. Virtual Background

One of the options allowed by Zoom is to use a virtual background to prevent interviewers from seeing your home. For a job interview it is not recommended that you use it, because the best thing is the naturalness and formality that you can give to the event.
However, you can find a good background that makes you look more creative, especially if you are applying for a designer position or for a position that requires your originality.
To place a virtual background, you just have to go to the settings tab and click on the option “virtual background”.

6 tips to do a job interview by Zoom

3. Zoom filter for image retouching

This application has filters that can improve your appearance, it won’t display as many as Instagram or Snapchat, but it could help you to retouch your image.
To find the filter option, go to Settings, then to the Video tab and check the “apply video filters” option.

4. Record the job interview by Zoom

Zoom allows you to record your video calls. If you want, check the option so you can give yourself feedback at the end. We recommend that you ask the interviewer if you can record the conversation, because other users can see when the video call is being recorded.
It’s best not to record yourself during the phone interview, but to do so a few days beforehand with other applications so that you can practice and analyze your body language, listen to your voice and know whether you should speak louder or more clearly. Remember to look at the camera as if it were the interviewer’s eyes and not make too many movements or stay static.

5. Be on time

In every job interview, whether face-to-face or by video call, you have to be on time. Have everything ready 10 minutes before your interview, prepare your video angle and keep all communication channels close to you. You may be contacted to find out if you are ready or ready to start and, in the case of Zoom, to share with you the key to joining the video call.

6. CV and job description

It is very important that you have your CV and job description at hand. You will need to refer to this information several times during the interview. Whether you have it open on another screen, on your tablet, smartphone or printed out.

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