Writing of a CV, special for nurses

Today, MyCVstore is interested in one of the professions most appreciated by the French. It is the nursing profession. Here are the basic elements to be shown on your CV in order to maximize your chances of finding a job.

Before you start writing a CV, you should target the sector of activity in which you wish to work. Indeed, the missions and therefore the skills required are not the same depending on the position you want to get. Several establishments take on nurses: hospitals, retirement homes, clinics and schools. It is also possible to practice this profession as a private individual and thus be a nurse at home. In order to practice this profession, you must complete a three-year training program. During this cycle, you will combine theory and practice, as many internships have to be completed.

Some areas require very good interpersonal skills. This is particularly the case when you want to work in a private practice or in a psychiatric department. Other services require staff to have very technical skills. This is the case in the intensive care unit, for example.

As far as the qualities you are looking for are concerned, stress management is an indispensable notion to be mentioned on your CV. In fact, no matter what field you are hired in, when you are a nurse you will be regularly exposed to stressful situations. It is therefore essential to know how to manage your stress and to keep your means in all circumstances.

In addition, recruiters will appreciate available and adaptable candidates. Indeed, the nursing profession, like many other medical professions, requires a great deal of time availability. It is indeed a profession designed to help people day and night, sometimes even on public holidays. Recruiters will therefore be happy to receive candidates willing to work at night or during holiday periods. If this is your case, we advise you to mention it on your CV: it can make you stand out from other candidates and be, in addition, a proof of motivation.

In the vast majority of cases, nurses have to work closely with their colleagues.

collaboration with the medical team, especially doctors and nurses’ aides. It is therefore necessary to know how to listen to both patients and the professional entourage in order to be informed of the evolution of the medical treatment.

In order to obtain an ideal CV, your curriculum vitae must reveal two essential elements. Firstly, your rigor and seriousness. Indeed, a great seriousness is required in order not to harm the patients. When writing your CV, remember to carefully structure your blocks. Your CV must also reflect your good mood.

In some cases, the nurses are the only people the patients see, so they must be cheerful and supportive of the patient. In addition, a patient who receives positive waves on a regular basis is likely to recover more quickly. In other words, your interpersonal skills should be reflected in your CV. This is why you must manage to combine these two axes.

The CV template is ideal for revealing your empathy. But this model also has the advantage of being very structured: a perfect combination for your application document. Moreover, its design makes it pleasant to study. A CV that won’t leave recruiters insensitive.

Sample Resume Nurse

There are many career paths. There are several possibilities for nurses: becoming a paediatric nurse, operating theatre nurse or anaesthetist nurse. But these two professions require additional diplomas. One can also consider a vertical evolution for nurses. This evolution implies new activities and responsibilities. These can be team management or facility management for example. Finally, it is possible to turn to teaching professions.

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